Dresden:Episode One

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The whole gang gathered at The Steel Bar to blow off some steam (or to eat some despair in James's case). Simon headed outside to look for his missing contact when suddenly he is hit across the back of the head with a club from an unknown assailant. Bravely, he threw his wallet on the ground and said "Take all of my money". Beaux and Tim ran outside and scared the enemy off, while Tim banned Simon and Beaux from the bar. Beaux followed the assailant into the alley, with Damien not far behind, where they managed to subdue the Renfield who had attacked them.

The following day, James and Tim learn of a woman who needed to meet her "master" at the Old Rails, a very dangerous part of town. James agreed to protect her by going to the rails to defend her. Investigating the disappearance of his contact, Simon ran into Beaux destroying the wall of their apartment complex. Along with Damien, Simon and Beaux broke into the contacts apartment and discovered a meeting scheduled for that evening at the Old Rails. Coincidentally, Damien got a call from James requesting assistance at the rails, to deal with a potential Black Court Vampire. Knowing the dangers, the crowd prepared for a drag down fight.

When they arrived at the Rails, Tim, James, Beaux, and Damien had to put down 2 Renfields who were attempting to lead the woman deeper into the tunnel system. Meanwhile, Simon was lead away from the group by the Governor, a ghost who inhabits the Old rails. The rest of the group met up with him deeper in the tunnels, standing on the edge of the platform, talking to the air. Realizing there was a ghost at work, Beaux opened his sight, and confirmed that they were indeed in some deep shit. Tim got in the way of the ghost, and was thrown to the tracks as a whole host of ghostly passengers arrived. Literally everyone jumped down on the tracks to rescue Tim, when a ghostly train appeared. Luckily for the rest of the group, Beaux used a quick spell to move everyone off of the tracks. Unfortunately for him, his leg was severely broken in the process.

They continued on until they discovered several dozen corpses drained of all of their blood, and the Black court vampire who was killing them. Tim was seriously wounded in the process, because he had headed ahead of the group, while Damien passed out from casting too many spells. However, they were able to kill the vampire, though there is no telling how many more of them lurk in the shadows. (And how many are angry that someone is thinning their numbers).

Consequences Remaining after Session

  • Tim - Moderate: Cracked Ribs
  • Damien - Mild: Headache
  • Beaux - Severe: Broken Leg