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Damien Cutler
High Concept: Bastard Son of a Banshee of the Winter Court
Trouble: No One Left Behind!
Now where did that go...?
I think I over did it
Curiousity isn't just for cats
The old ways are best
Dodged the bullet
Refresh: 1
Unseelie Magic [-4]

Inhuman Speed [-2]

Supernatural Toughness [-4]

The Catch (Cold Iron) [+3]

Refinement [-1]

Superb: Conviction, Discipline
Great: Lore, Alertness
Good: Scholarship, Athletics, Guns
Fair: Endurance, Might, Survival
Average: Resources, Presence, Stealth, Weapons, Rapport


Damien never knew his parents...


Bastard Son of a Banshee of the Winter Court

Compel To: Force him to enter into or honour an agreement. Any time the Winter court asks him to do something. Any time he comes into contact with a Summer Court Changeling

Invoke To: Help him stop the Summer court. Cause destruction. While using Unseelie Magic.

No one left behind!

Compel To: Prevent him from retreating. To help a stranger. To put him in danger for his friends and strangers.

Invoke To: Aid any of the above

Now where did that go...?

Compel To: Say that he has forgotten something important, especially his focus item, or any enchanted items.

Invoke To: Say that he doesn't have something that someone else wants, and he doesn't want them to have.

I think I overdid it

Compel To: Have him use way more force than is necessary, especially if it causes himself harm.

Invoke To: Use way more force than is necessary....

Curiosity isn't just for cats

Compel To: Make him investigate something he shouldn't. Touch something he shouldn't. Eat something he shouldn't...

Invoke To: Get into/out of a situation caused by the above

The old ways are best

Note: This influences my magic, and forms a direct anthesis to how Beaux does things.

Compel To: Make him not use technology when there is a more conventional/older solution. To Explode/Hex Electronics.

Invoke To: Make a tried and true, or ancient method work better. Winter Court spells.

Dodged the Bullet

Compel To: Endanger someone else when he gets out of the way.

Invoke To: Get the hell out of the way.



Raised by an Irish hedge witch, Damien never knew his parents. He was told that they were killed in a train wreck while he was at a baby sitter's house. He was trained to help around the shop but had a tendency to misplace things.

Phase Aspect: Now where did that go...?

Rising Conflict

Eliza, the shop keeper, is attacked by Red Court Vampires and almost killed. Damien didn't flee, because he could not just leave her there to die. He disintegrated the vampires using Unseelie magic (which he discovered how to use on the fly).... and also half of the shop. Mom shows up and pulls him into the winter court.

The Story

When a group of Teenagers is found dead due to a mysterious plant based hallucinogen, Damien fears that the Summer Court is involved. How will Damien overcome his most dangerous foe? Seeking aid from his roommate, Damien and Beaux create an antitoxin to buy time until Damien manages to track down the real culprit. Beaux then tells Damien that he knows a guy who "deals with this stuff". They tell Tim of the Summer Court, and while he "distracts" them...dumbass, they administer the antitoxin.

Guest Star

During one of the coldest winters in Sky City the numbers of freezing homeless was rocketing into hundreds every week when Beaux did something he'd later almost regret. He over charged a thermal heat dynamic into the seasonal wave base of winter and essence imprinted warmth unto it, using the redirected magnetic force of the earth, flowing into a structure realignment of uranium. He thought, "What could go wrong." Five hours later there was a heat wave. The next day the lower streets were ankle deep in spring run off. That's when the bodies began rotting.

That night a man named Damien knocked on Beaux's door. The Winter Court had kindly asked Damian to go ask why the suicidal wizard man thought it would be a grand idea to piss them off. Beaux's reaction to the Winter Court was one of, "Who the fuck are these guys?" In return for not being murdered Beaux agreed to help undue his "wonderful idea".

While Damion began preperations to try to undue Beaux's enchantment, Beaux took to the streets to destroy a chlorofiend that had grown from the decay and over whelming summer essence. After being thrown through 7 separate brick walls Beaux decided he need some help. Beaux called up his friend Brandon, and together they were able to take the fiend down since nothing can stop a charging werewolf backed with the artillery of a full blown wizard.

Upon returning home Beaux found that Damian had called in a favor from Maeve to help power his ritual. Beaux had never known anyone who would go to such lengths for him.

Guest Star Redux

Simon sets out to solve yet another murder while chasing down a Black Court Vampire after a series of murders. Damien crosses paths with Simon Just as he corners the murderer.


Focus Items

Description Bonuses
Mother's Ring +2 Discipline and +1 Conviction to Winter Evocations
 Slots Available: 3

Enchanted Items

Description Effects Slots Used
Anhk of Anubis +3 Block 2 times/session 1
Dissolution Ring Place [Broken] (sticky) aspect on inanimate object 1 time/session 1
Luxbane This is a Weapon:2 light pistol that can be a Weapon:6 3 times/session 4
 Slots Available: 6

Rote Spells

Shifts Stress Spell Name
6 1 Ice Blast (Fuego! Basically. Tied to Mother's Ring)
 Rotes Available: 4